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Is this as amazing as it sound ? amiga software on any system?
Yes, the concept is as amazing as that. But no matter how cool and innovative the concept is, software support is what counts.

Personally, I'm a desktop user. I own just one computer, no PDA or Smartphone. AmigaDE's main advantage (it runs on any system) is completely useless to me.

And it being intergrated in to the new Amiga OS. Wouldnt the fact that you could use your amiga software/media on any system be a massive selling point being for the A1 that it is almost a universaly compatible system?
Not at all. AmigaDE/AmigaAnywhere software is supposed to run on any System. If you're not tied to a specific hardware, it's obviously the best idea to buy what gives the best price/performace ratio. That would be WinPCs, not an A1.

Or have i got the wrong end of the stick and this is just a lame rehash of JAVA??
It's a similar concept, but AmigaDE is vastly superior. You'll have to wait and see if it gets supported by desktop developers. If not, it's completely useless for you, unless you want to run it on a smartphone or a PDA.

If it is as good as it sounds would it be worth me considering an A1 system in the next 2 years?
You don't have to buy an AmigaOne to run AmigaDE. In fact, it would be quite stupid to do this (as an A1 is a quite expensive option).

If your inerested in AmigaOS4 (check for more info), you should consider buying an A1.

Next year im doing a computer science degree and specializing in Games, AI and 3D animation.

Ive been told we will be working with C++, OpenGL, 3DStudio MAX and Maya. Is it conciveable that 3DStudio Max & Maya will be available for OS4?
No way.

or is Amiga Anywhere a 2 way stream alllowing PC and Mac programs to run on OS4?
No. But there are other ways to run Mac software on an AmigaOne (at native speeds).
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