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a PC programming new C= games ?

Haha, an absolute stupid idea which came to my mind while sitting on the toilet

Imagine it is the year 2050 or something and PCs have the power of billions higher than now.
Then let such a PC calculate every possible byte combination of an Amiga 500' memory and at the same time check if it somehow could be a good game
Hehehe, I wonder how many cool games are still sleeping inside our old computers. Same thing could also be done for a C64 or any other old computer as well
I don't think it will ever be possible because there are so damn many combinations that even the best of the best computers could not even do such a thing only for a 5kB machine like a VC-20 Also the software that detects if the output on the screen could be a game must be very, very sophisticated.

But it isn't all combinations to check, because quite a lot will only give stupid bytes, but no real code, and I am sure this could be checked rather easily. Also every game has to have a joystick detection in it, grafik output could be checked by future intelligent visual detection systems, etc, etc, etc.....

Maybe somewhere in the future super computers will exist that will be able to program new C64 & Amiga games ?

Sure, it's a complete insane thaught, but what do you think ?
Will it ever be possible ?
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