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A plan to relive the Magazine & Coverdisk days


At some stage I'd like to step back through time and relive the magic of going to the newsagents once a month to buy an amiga mag

I used to only get £5 a month pocket money, so I had to choose my Magazine wisely.

the three magazines I bought most commonly were CU Amiga, Amiga Format and very occasionally Amiga Action. As always, my decision depended on what disks were on the cover.

I've already ordered the CU Amiga DVD from Mort. I'd very much like a compilation of disks/cd's of the other two also. So if you know of them, please send a link

The Plan:

Once per month I'll be allowed to choose from the three magazines that ran in print in the same month we are in today, starting from January 1992. So next month I'll have February 1992's prints to choose from, and so on.

The Aim:

To see how different my choices will be in comparison to what really happened at the time. At the time I only had an A600. No CD drive either. So that played a major part in my choice. Now that I have a real A1200 with 060, obviously that choice problem is no longer there.

What's in it for me?:

I want to relive that magic (and hard choices!) i had when making my purchase and running home as fast as i could to put the disks in the drive

I want to play all those games/demos/apps that i missed through not having a A1200 at the time.

It gives me something cool to look forward to every month, like it did back in the day

What's in it for you?:

I'm thinking of doing a blog... or maybe a thread i'll update each month to share the memories and experiences anew.
Also, you could join in! we could share our experiences and reasons for choosing the mags we did. Share the stuff we did with the free applications.. Or the highscores of the demo/games... or even any custom levels we've made.

The Rules:

We're allowed to choose ONLY ONE magazine per month, and can only make that decision from the front cover and contents page. Screenshots of the coverdisks can be viewed should they not be visible on the cover/contents page of the magazine.

We'll only be allowed to use the adf's/CD images of that month's magazine should we choose it. We wont be allowed to use the images of the other magazines we've not chosen.

Use of Coverdisks and CD's MUST be carried out on a REAL amiga... for added nostalgia/reminiscence and difficulty in choosing the magazine because of your hardware. Exceptions given to people that have no Amiga of course.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Here are mine:
Obviously getting hold of every page of some of these mags could be difficult given that we'll be relying on AMR and other sources, but really its more about the coverdisks and sharing our experiences

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