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@fishyfish, is this what you are referring to "As for Cloanto not contributing back to the community, theyve contributed to aros kickstart rom replacement for starters." or was there something else they did, serious question as I don't actually know.

Cloanto sponsors AROS Objectives:
1. Bring The m68k compile of AROS back out of unmaintained.
2. Must initially work from whatever means is possible so long as the build is going again, and the codebase is brought upto date with the changes in the x86 native/hosted flavours. (ie you could use some command in amigaos to bootstrap aros or similar)
3. Initially binary compatability isnt needed with amigaos (not until atleast you can get the thing working again)
4. Must compile the main components of AROS (read AROS main cvs branch), and optionaly allow other components to compile.

Donors: Alexander G($ 53) Cloanto($ 298) David F($ 25) Don C($ 18) Emmanuel L($ 95) Martin H($ 31) Matthew F ($ 14) Matthew P$ 5) Mike M($ 15) Olivier A($ 15) Timothy R ($ 25)
Interestingly Cloanto also shows up as sponsor.

Many thanks to all those generous souls who'd contributed for the bounty.


Now as far as having everything backed up in one handy place etc goes, in this day and age, if you can't compile a range of favourite games, the emulator and needed files etc and then back it up onto a blank CD for future use, then there is definitely a shortcoming somewhere along the way!

I am not talking piracy, I am talking about using what you have and making a proper working setup that suits your needs. There really is no need to constantly purchase the files over and over again as in buying the latest version of Cloanto You are however entitled to use your own money however you wish but please don't allow people to think that the newest reincarnation of the product is any better than the last umpteenth previous version, at least no new changes of any importance.

As I have said before, if you can't get a real Amiga, then Amiga Forever is a step in the right direction. Once you know what you are doing, go and advance your pleasure by using WinUAE by itself and eventually add HDfs and see what you have been missing

If people still want to fork out again and again for the same items, well that is their prerogative, personally I would sooner buy a WHDLoad key and use it with WinUAE, an Amiga or Minimig, it even works on my old Xbox's Amaga emulator and its fantastic. I also have the required ROMS so forget about piracy and such nonsense

People really do funny at times don't they
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