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Good old Speccy also forms an important part of my young gaming years. My first game machine was an Atari 2600, but a Spectrum + 48k was my first real "computer". I bought it with my own savings during my first year at collegue, that was in the mid 80's, to make programs for a course of statistics aplied to psychology, but in no time I was also using it for gaming... a lot!

A handful of years later I skipped to a disk based +3 model, so I never had a cassette equiped machine. When it broke (early 90's) I went directly to my first Amiga, a second hand A500... and the world would never be the same...

Being myself more adventure than action games oriented, my list of favourites include such isometric classics as:

-Great Escape
-Fairlight I & II
-and of course, spanish big hit "La Abadía Del Crimen", which was my most intense inmersive experience of the 8 -bit era.

For a 2D stunning fantasy enviroment, Avalon and its sequel Dragontorc were just great. And then there was the text adventure field, where Melbourne's Tolkien adaptations as The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings were just groundbreaking for its age. Sadly Infocom classics never made their way into the Speccy (there was no way to make them work from a tape, anyway, though there is an aplication to play them in a +3) but Speccy users didn't miss the rest of the Big 3, that's to say, Magnetic Scrolls and Level 9 works, all of them I strongly recommend.

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