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Wb 3.1 LoadWB freeze

Let me start from the beginning :
I was installing BetterWB to a newly installed barebones WB 3.1 partition. I was doing this in my main patced up WB3.1 environment. But BetterWB installed right onto this patched up WB 3.1 replacing several files and S-S etc. :/ but I had made a backup just before trying this just in-case . So I formatted the partition and then copied all the files back. Before this I decided to change the partition blocksize from 1024 to 512. All seemed cosher, empty partition, copied back the files and then booted.

BUT, now the boot process fails when WB tries to load the desktop view. It displays my backdrop pic and some partition & left-out icons, but then freezes. I never get to see the WB 3.1 disk icon. Mouse moves but nothing else happens. I didn't change a thing in S-S or other. Tried disabling WBStartup, no help. With no S-S and then with just plain LoadWB it still freezes. Luckily my OS 3.9 partition loads up fine so I can try and solve the problem.

Any suggestions here?? I still have some ideas though...

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