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The license for amiga os dictates that 1 set of roms/os can be used on 1 machine. Want to run it on 2,... buy another copy.
As for Cloanto not contributing back to the community, theyve contributed to aros kickstart rom replacement for starters.
AmigaOS3.9 being licensed by A.Inc means squat. Remember the amithlon fiasco? It was cancelled due to the fact dont own os3.9.

AmigaForever is more than just Winuae for those that like to harp on the fact it can be downloaded for free. As many have stated there's the kickstart roms, and OS files. Some people seem to think the fact theyre (rom images) encrypted is bad. I think that nonsense myslf, but to each his own. They still serve thier purpose, and legally.

There's a bunch of little (and not so little) bits and pieces of other work too. The live booting OS3.x is quite a nice little feaure. Some people install it straight to harddrive when thyey dont want the host visible. Its a heck of a lot simpler than dealing with linux and doing it yourself. There's the videos, the games, the OS disk images, the game launcher, lots of versions of uae for various formats (nice to have them in a centralised place, most arent updated anymore anyway (68k uae, wos uae, dos uae, etc.).

Yes the vast majority of this stuff can be downloaded for free, but not all, and really, so what? You can buy packaged versions of linux distros for a small price too. Do those inclined feel the urge to complain about that too? Some people are willing to pay a few dollars for a nice organised, packaged collection of stuff on disc, and good luck to them.

I really dont see what the problem is. Dont think its worth it for you? Simple, dont buy it, but I dont understand the need to deride someone over thier work simply cos its not for you.

They paid for thier license and theyre selling a nice little package to try to make a few dollars from that. Where's the problem?
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