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Toni Wilen
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WinUAE CW MK3 update:

My Catweasel MK3-sample arrived yesterday.
I quickly implemented crude CW joystick and keyboard -port support. (I used modified A500 keyboard because I don't have any non-A500 keyboards)

I also implemented Amiga Catweasel ZorroII-board emulation. That means it is possible to use multidisk.device under WinUAE to read/write for example Amiga formatted floppies. "Direct" floppy support will be implemented later (maybe.. that won't be easy..)

edit: "direct" floppy support = "map" the catweasel drive directly to emulated Amiga's drive DF0:

Simple diskcopy from catweasel-device to DF0: took 1m20s to complete under WinUAE (verify was disabled)

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