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Question Amiga Anywhere & A1 Questions ?

Ok ive just watched the TechTV mpeg about Amiga anywhere.

Is this as amazing as it sound ? amiga software on any system?

And it being intergrated in to the new Amiga OS. Wouldnt the fact that you could use your amiga software/media on any system be a massive selling point being for the A1 that it is almost a universaly compatible system?

Or have i got the wrong end of the stick and this is just a lame rehash of JAVA??

If it is as good as it sounds would it be worth me considering an A1 system in the next 2 years? Next year im doing a computer science degree and specializing in Games, AI and 3D animation.

Ive been told we will be working with C++, OpenGL, 3DStudio MAX and Maya. Is it conciveable that 3DStudio Max & Maya will be available for OS4? or is Amiga Anywhere a 2 way stream alllowing PC and Mac programs to run on OS4?

Thanks for any info
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