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To save any further confusion, "Amiga Explorer", "Transdisk" and "Transrom" are all suplied on the Cloanto Amiga Forever CD to allow you to copy your ROM image and transfer files between PC and Amiga. For all the legal doubting folk about using a copy of your Amiga's Rom for your own personal use, then please read the section of text below which is part of the ReadMe.txt file that I include in the .rar file. This is an old version and I suggest that before any comments are made doubting the legality, that any would be writer actually reads the information that is provided on the Amiga Forever CD that they have in their possession.

From the 2005 AmigaForever CD

D:\Amiga\AF_Boot\ReadMe.txt (where D: is the cd drive)

The "Transdisk" and "Transrom" utilities can be used to create image files of Amiga ROMs and floppy disks, for use with the UAE and Fellow Amiga emulators. Floppy disk images are usually referred to as "ADF" images. The same functionality is also part of Amiga Explorer, which is capable of creating "virtual" ADF and ROM image files, so these additional tools are mainly interesting when Amiga Explorer is not used. Transdisk and Transrom can be found on the Amiga Forever CD-ROM, on the Amiga Forever boot disk image, and in the "Emulation/shared/amiga_utilities" subdirectory of the Amiga Forever installation (usually "C:\Program Files\Cloanto\Amiga Forever" on an English language Windows system).

The above utilities to make a ROM etc are still provided on Amiga Forever for anyone to copy their roms for their own use, so please lose the its illegal to do so mentality and look at the information that is already provided on the CD if anyone would care enough to actually read it.

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