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Emulator Zone used to a good site, but they are really slipping now. It's a proven fact that neither Atari nor any other company have any right to ban emulation of any machines (eg. as proved by Sony vs Bleem case, and others). The people running that site should know that and should stand up for the right to emulate rather than being completely gutless and letting themselves be told what to do by companies that have no right to do so. They also seem to think they have no right to mention the word Atari, which is likewise mistaken. That is like getting sued by Amiga for saying "I like Amigas", it would get laughed out of court. :-/ Oops, I said Atari, so sue me.

Also their emulator entries used to be frequently updated but are now months behind. A shame. I doubt if I'll bother visiting there anymore.
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