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Whats the longest Amiga Music Demo in the History of Amiga?

I'm currently jammin to Jesus on E's while looking up more Blitz stuff and the thought occurred... I wonder if there's anything out there longer than Jesus On E's at just over 30 mins total for the first sequence before the second one repeats for the credits infinitely. That's impressive for 1.7mb of data!

granted JoE's repeats a bar of audio 2 to 4 times for each sequence... but it sounds and looks great nontheless.

So what's out there that'll beat JoE's in terms of playtime for a music demo?

Lets break it down into these three sections to make it easier/fairer to judge:

Longest single track music demo (Like Jesus on E's)
Longest multi track music compilation (like Digital Concert)
Longest traditional scene demo (hmmm this needs more definition :P )

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