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Originally Posted by DeafDaz View Post

He may be a dude in a shed. but CUSA bought the rights to the Amiga name though. There would be nothing to stop them from trying to kill the Amiga retro community.
If only 1% of the Amiga retro community fought this dude in a shed, he'd back down. If he sent me a cease & desist letter right now, I'd shit in the envelope and return it. Not literally of course, but some kind of figurative retort :-)

You can see why people get scared when the RIAA (et al.) send them a letter, but from a not nickel & dime operation like CUSA. There's probably only a few people at that company. Plus I don't imagine they're making money hand over fist, if at all.

Originally Posted by Galahad
Not quite. Atari is simply Infogrammes/Ocean with a different name!
Shows how much I know about Atari then :-)
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