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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
It's all still on BitTorrent. And Usenet.

Not likely. Atari is a massive company. Commodore is a dude in a shed making generic PCs.
Not quite. Atari is simply Infogrammes/Ocean with a different name!

Ocean and Infogrammes merged, and then they bought the rights to use the Atari name and Atari software back catalogue.

They however have ZERO claim on the old OS's and machines, and are deluded if they think otherwise.

The trademark for the original 2600 expired quite some time ago, and the rest of the XE series are about to expire.

its simply a case of Infogrammes sending blanket cease and desist to anyone using Atari in the webpages because they assumed that it was to do with their modern games catalogue, and didn't figure a shit load of people might still be harbouring feelings for the past machines, because they are oppresively stupid!

Theres nothing illegal with the emulators, nothing remotely illegal about the rom being included as far as Atari are considered, because Atari Inc (Infogrammes) doesn't hold the copyright on them.
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