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As I commented on the Kickstarter blog, I'm always up for a multi-disc box set. I don't care if you get 2 discs or 10 - the more content the better for me. I'd like to see an extended cut of the main movie, and at least one extended interviews disc, as well as a disc for other types of extras. Four discs is about right for a box set, and I feel it would be an INCREDIBLE shame to lose those interviews which have only snippets in the main film. An extended movie is just the thing for a DVD special edition as - trust me - the producers always get to the point of having a 3 hour movie and have to chop out gold after gold just to get it down to 100mins or so. What a waste. Best to have the long version for fans. I'd certaily pay extra for those RJ Michal and Dave Haynie interviews.

If there are any other extras available, a simple card insert with pictures and prices may be a good idea to keep costs down. Only one person in 20 will want the T-shirt, so having some kind of link to an online shop may be a good idea. Otherwise, a micro pin badge (like a cufflink size) like this here or like this picture would be great:

I've been looking for a Boing Ball pin badge like Peter Jones' since I saw him wearing one on Dragons Den. There are NO pin badges like this anywhere it seems....

Thanks for this thread. I hope the film will be out in time for next Summer...

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