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@Gibs: bad news - latest version 1.8.7b3 do not open games from *.tl scripts under WinUAE. I did not tested under my real Amiga yet. But even if I rescan ECS games by F1, and even I enable RAD, TinyLauncher shows pseudo GURU red flashing border with error "file not dound". I try to run ! file from !_SWOS_HD folder. A *.tl file contain
ssboot swos
The same with Franko, Kingpin and Wisielec which arent WHDLoad games. But strange is fact than HarleyDavidson from which contain:
cd TLGECS:HarleyDavidson
WHDLoad_16_8 HarleyDavidson.Slave PRELOAD
runs ok. Can you test it and fix it. I did not run non WHDLoad games under Tiny Launcher from long time so I did not notice something changes and now works wrong, because in old design TinyLauncher everything was ok.

EDIT: I have reason. You changed something with file search and *.tl script detection, so if we have situation when somegame.slave and files exists with the same name in directory game runs, but when we have not *.slave file named the same way as *.tl TinyLauncher shows error. Please fix that to make launching non WHDLoad games also available. Thanks.

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