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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
Before getting my A600 I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k with built in cassette drive.
Same here

Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
I had a platform game on it called Wizard Willy which i'm trying to locate.
Never heard of it. I only own around 100 speccy games though.

Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
There was also a lightgun multigame cassette that had missle ground zero, bullseye and two other games on it. would love to find that too!
Got that too. The games on it were Missile Ground Zero (played that lots), Robot Attack (another great game), Bullseye, Operation Wolf (awesome game), Toy Bizarre (didn't play that much as it kept crashing alot during gameplay) and some target shooting game based in a park.

I would personally recommend any of the following games to play/buy:

Turbo Outrun
Operation Thunderbolt (sequel to Operation Wolf, but not light-gun compatible - I tried it to make sure!)
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (128K users - make sure to use the right side of the casette that way it loads it all in one go!)
Quadacanal (if you love real-time strategy games - GFX are almost non-existant though!)
Star Raiders 2 (less than 5 minutes to load and hours of gameplay)
Ghostbusters 2 (some levels are hard - especially the last one, but it's awesome)
Robocop 2 (just as hard as Ghostbusters 2 in places)
Vigilante and Double Dragon (if you love beat'em ups)
Joe Blade (though no point if you already own the Amiga version!)
anything by Andy Severn (&e7) - awesome speccy coder, produced some cool bonuses/Speccy demo's.
Hard Drivin' (very very hard, but cool. How they managed to find room for the 10 second replay data I'll never know!)
Earthshaker (Boulderdash clone)

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