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Damn, there's a blast from the past I loved Talisman as younger man. Me, my brother and a few other friends played it heavily. Had the expansion sets as well

I'd thought about doing a computer version of it myself a few times while brainstorming ideas for myself, but to be honest Ive forgotten most things about it, apart from the fact that I loved it


There is indeed a few different bejeweled clones for the amiga Amijewelled to name just one.


While I still need to finish my puzzle game, I too have been brainstorming for ideas for another game to make after Ive finished it. Being that I favor the classic amigas + ocs/ecs/aga most of my ideas are centred around games that the amigas hardware will cope with nicely. An rts, zelda-esque adventure, or overhead racer are the likely candidates as theyre all quite simple (albiet a lot of work), but good fun. Although Ive got what I think are some great ideas for a zelda-esque game (for lack of a better description, my ideas share little in common with zelda itself, and in fact are more sci-fi than medi-evil) it's not something that'd be a great deal of fun to play myself, being that Id know it inside out before I played it). A Pools of radiance style rpg is another that Id considered as there's none that even require aga to my knowledge, let alone the sort of classic amiga most people are using these days (ie. upgraded cpu, ram, etc.).
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