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Adding more useful libraries to my GCC environment

I recently received some advice to enhance my GCC library with either of these things/programs/libraries (not sure what thye are actually): NDK39 and PictDT43. I was said that if I copied the libraries from either one to the richt place in my GCC environment that I would be able to compile more advanced programs. Thing is, I dont know which one or where they go if i did know. I can honestly say that I am at least a novice scripter/coder and I understand most of the errors that crop up regularly- but I havent been able to get decipherable errors very often seeing as though my libraries are incomplete.

.................... } GCC "LouiSe's GCC Environment"
PictDT43 .......}

It is really a great kit so to speak but getting more advanced scripts to compile or at least give readable errors to debug with would be immensely cool.

ANY help please is welcome
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