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Hi there Minuous,

good to see you here again

It would appear that even if some folk got a cracked (broken) CD they would still defend the blooming thing as being superb and well worth the money.

Thank goodness for people who actually see things as they are without the rose tinted glasses. My personal preference is towards a real Amiga although I also use WinUAE for making HDFs for my Minimig as well as for my 1200 and 600's along with the odd game emulation now and then. I also use proper Rom files and some modified ones instead of the doofus files that come with the Cloanto package.

For novice or inexperienced users, I suppose that the Cloanto package would be a starting point, however, why on earth any experienced user would even entertain it is beyond me!

WinUAE is a fine emulator and does NOT need a frontend plonked onto it as in the cloanto nonsense, for goodness sake if people can't manage to download a newer version of WinUAE when its available then why on earth do they even bother to have a computer with internet access in the first place?

Apart from the partially stripped workbench disks, there really isn't a lot going for this overpriced item, thank goodness for Google, plus advice from people on sites such as EAB and others like it.

99.9% of what is useful on Cloanto's CD is down to WinUAE, yes people may use the roms off the CD and maybe even the workbench ADF's if they don't know any better but look at how much they pay for the privilege.

For a novice user, Cloanto fills a gap but for anyone with an ounce of experience or curiosity, isn't it time to take off those training wheels and experience WinUAE as it was meant to be, or maybe try a real Amiga if you can get hold of one. I know that having a real Amiga isn't always practical but that's where WinUAE takes up the slack.

The above is not meant as a personal attack on anyone, merely pointing out that life exists beyond the limits of Cloanto's expensive and limited boundaries.

It was probably not a good idea to write this while sampling some of my Xmas prezzies (whisky) but it looks OK to me at the moment and firefox finds most of the spelling mistake thank goodness

What it looks like when I get up may be a completely different story though
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