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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
I know that isn't exactly your cup of tea GH, but imho something "slower", like a logical game a strategy minigame, or a smaller jrp like the 1st Final Fantasy would be awesome for starters - you wouldn't have to struggle with the speed of your game and all that.
I think I made a bit of a sweeping generalisation earlier re strategy/RPGs - for instance I played FF7 and FF8 to death - and you are right that speed wouldn't be as much of an issue when the pace of the game is slower by its very nature anyway.

In terms of strategy games, I've always wanted to write something like Space Crusade - it's a reasonably simple game to play and very accessible but it's extremely absorbing and tense. I'd like to do something where four people can play (or one person can play four teams) and you basically have to conquer a series of planets by completing a certain number of missions on each one. I actually started something like this about six years ago but it was a bit of a mess. Would like another go one day though.

Back on the subject and I'm really leaning towards a game like Downfall at the moment. It kinda ticks a lot of boxes for me. We shall see.
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