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>Its to late to admit its not so bad after that so it was never going to be any good in his eyes.

Not at all. I have an open mind and if I had found it to be any good I would have said so.

>Well it works fine on my PC here (Windows 7 64-bit).

I haven't tested the package under Win7.

>Do you mean Linux UAE? WinUAE is auto-updated to the latest version.

No, I mean WinUAE, and I'm talking about the version included in the package, which was already considerably out of date at the time I received the package. Forcibly "auto-updating" would qualify it as malware; I hate programs that do this. The decision to upgrade should be left to the user.

>It apparently hasn't changed for some years, when did Dave Haynie remaster his for DVD release?


>Yes there is, they explicitly state that all games are licenced, even if they have included the cracked version.

Well, they may state that, but there is no reason to believe them. And I very much doubt they asked the crackers involved for their permission to use their copyrighted cracktros etc. in a commercial product.

>But they supply the keyfile in the same folder as the ROMs. If you're just using it for emulation, (and it is an emulation package), why does that matter? I expect their licence forced them to include the modified ROMs, as far as I know they're identical in every other way.

Then they should have negotiated a more reasonable licence. And it does matter; the files aren't usable for some purposes, eg. for an Amiga.

>No they're not.

Maybe they are included now, but they certainly weren't contained in the package I received.

>Also 1.3, but there are full HDFs for 1.3, 2.1 and 3.1.

Maybe the HDFs are complete (haven't checked recently) but the ADFs certainly aren't. You can't include the first disk only of an OS and say that you have included the whole thing, that is a deceptive trade practice. It's like if you bought a multi-disk game but they only bothered to include disk 1, would you regard it as complete? Or buying an album on CD and finding that only the first track was present.

>But as it's an emulation package for Windows, why is this a fault with Amiga Forever?

It's supposed to be cross-platform: see

>As can be seen in the link you posted to earlier in this thread, OS 3.X is their own modified version. Where do they suggest that they supply 3.9?

I never claimed that they claim to include OS3.9. The point in this case isn't that they are lying, but rather that they include something that is crippled and rather crap (namely this "OS3.X"). So after buying this package you would still have to go buy or pirate proper OS3.9. Because no Amiga software has been written for this "OS3.X", it is expected that mismatched versions are not used together. I have had various bug reports for my programs where it turned out that the users were using this "OS3.X" instead of the proper OS3.5/3.9, and therefore had mismatched versions of files which don't work correctly with one another. When I sent them the proper official files, the problems went away.
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