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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
Since I discovered FF7 I always dreamed about something like that for the Amiga but never could play it (except that one AMOS game, what's it's name...)
In my mind I designed it... there are 3 main "views/engines" needed: static intro/menu/options/character screens, scrolled in-game zoomed-in view for the locations, interactions and cutscenes, and the big earth-view for travelling - can be static too.
After that's done program in a few hundred items, quest items, main characters, quest characters, monsters and bosses, design a few towns, mazes, etc. ... ... ... piece of cake.
very very early version of a project was i working on...

it has timers so the battles work out just like FF7, i rigged up my PSX and played the battles sequences over and over again, writing down the structure

although none of graphics were completed, the program was ready for sprites and backgrounds, the program has already got delays so some animation can happen, screen movement can also occur...

all that i need to do (code wise for the battle sequence) is, add health meters and damage given/received needs to added, more options in the mini menu's namely selecting spells

bootable adf
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