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Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
Resampling isn't sound design. It's allowing enough note range to compose.
Yes, that's true. But you can also combine several notes with Protracker into a chord which then gets resampled and classifies as "resample". Who guarantees some other ppl won't use that function as well.

Anyway, you got me thinking about this issue and i think the best "retro" catch would be - to require for the track to be composed in original Soundtracker.

I've just installed one and will spend some time testing and seeing which features are "missing" from the Protracker that we are all used to. If too many, then i guess we should leave it to Protracker and pitch-resampling as well.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
YEah that's something else: you would have to include the list of samples intended for use. Those ST-XX disks have been tampered with many times. There's no assurance what one has the other one does.
I thought this problem was solved in the first post of this thread. No?
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