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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
I wont split hairs its a pretty good product.....I have always maintained roms should be freely distributable by now for all of us but thats nothing to do with whether amiga forever is any good

I agree the Kickstart ROMs and Workbench disks should be made free as well, and I don't think that it's a good reason to buy the package.

Some reasons why I personally like Amiga Forever (over and above using WinUAE on it's own):
  • It's a nice front end for all of your games etc, with screenshots, music, box scans, manual scans etc.
  • The RP9 files (which include zipped up ADFs, IPFs, HDFs etc which can be easily extracted) are an easy way to combine multi-disk games and all the config information.
  • It auto-updates to the latest version of WinUAE
  • Save states are handled MUCH better than in WinUAE's 'native' interface

If you don't want it, don't buy it. Personally I'm glad I spent my money on Amiga Forever rather than WHDLoad, since as an emulator user I don't have much use for the latter.

Incidentally many of the points mentioned in are either irrelevant or inaccurate:

1. I tried playing one of their "preconfigured" games, picked one at random (Zoom), and it crashes the whole machine (not just UAE but Windows itself too) before you even get to start playing.
Well it works fine on my PC here (Windows 7 64-bit).

2. The version of UAE they supply is obsolete and unsupported.
Do you mean Linux UAE? WinUAE is auto-updated to the latest version.

3. The Deathbed Vigil DVD supplied is not the extended, digitally-remastered one made by Dave Haynie for DVD release, it is instead one that was digitized from an old VHS tape: image/sound quality is very poor and all the extras are missing.
I don't think they claimed to include all the extras, it's one of several videos on the supplied DVDs. It apparently hasn't changed for some years, when did Dave Haynie remaster his for DVD release? Image and sound quality seems fine to me (even if not up to the re-mastered version).

4. There is nothing anywhere to suggest that the commercial games included have been included legally. They are pirate versions, complete with cracktros. Hypocrites.
Yes there is, they explicitly state that all games are licenced, even if they have included the cracked version.

5. Most of the software supplied is just demo versions, eg. ClassAct.

6. The ROMs supplied are worse than those that are freely available: they don't work without stuffing around with keyfiles etc.
But they supply the keyfile in the same folder as the ROMs. If you're just using it for emulation, (and it is an emulation package), why does that matter? I expect their licence forced them to include the modified ROMs, as far as I know they're identical in every other way.

7. They haven't bothered making and including a 3.9 ROM, instead they force the warm rebooting of the emulator to apply the patches in RAM every time, making bootup times considerably longer than they need to be.
Don't know if this is correct, but there is a '3.X' ROM, and the Workbench 3.X environment starts up very quickly for me.

8. The HDF files that were apparently supposed to be included are missing.
No they're not.

9. The only Workbench which is there in full is 3.1 (6 disks), all the rest are just the first disk only.
Also 1.3, but there are full HDFs for 1.3, 2.1 and 3.1.

10. No support for actually using the thing on anything other than Windows. Eg. like an Amiga. Obviously they don't give a fuck about the Amiga community.
But as it's an emulation package for Windows, why is this a fault with Amiga Forever?

11. The OS they supply is not OS3.9, it is "OS3.x"; basically a crippled version of OS3.5 with many components removed or downgraded to obsolete versions.
As can be seen in the link you posted to earlier in this thread, OS 3.X is their own modified version. Where do they suggest that they supply 3.9?

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