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Here's my collection of Amiga stuff:

The A500 Nr. 1
Serial Number: 274056
Rev. 5 motherboard
Memory: 512k Chip + 512k expansion on the trapdoor slot
2Mb SupraRam 500RX on the sideslot
Kickstart: KS1.2/KS1.3 on Omni-ROM kickstart switcher

The A500 Nr. 2 (Casing destroyed by Post Office)
Serial Number: 744058
Rev. 6 motherboard
Memory: 512k Chip + 512k expansion on the trapdoor slot
Kickstart: KS1.3

(This machine also has the "Fatter Agnus" 8372A capable of using 1Mb onboard memory)

The A600
Serial Number: M 072207
Rev. 2B motherboard
Memory: 1Mb Chip + 1 Mb expansion on the trapdoor slot
Kickstart: KS3.1
Harddrive: 2.5" 1.08Gb IBM DSOA-21080

+ Mouses, external diskdrives, 400+ disks, C= 1084S monitor with some selfmade expansions, Joysticks + misc. stuff

The CD32
Standard CD32 with one Competition Pro CD32 pad

Soon I'm going to take the mobo from A500-2 and transplant it into the A500-1's case because the post office mishandled my package and managed to crush the casing into a lot more pieces than the two halves it's usually seen.. the rev. 5 mobo will probably stay as spareparts mobo.. Also i'm thinking of soldering 512k extra on the rev. 6 mobo..

Just wishing to find an accelerator for the a600 and perhaps another monitor...
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