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And they keep coming in... good stuff

Big thanks to everybody so far.

Firstly, any ports are out I'm afraid (and whatever happened to Thorham's Advance Wars port anyway?) - even more so trying to port PC games like Terraria, and trying to do it in Blitz... to be honest that's a total non-starter. I want to write something new rather than another port.

Anything like Transport Tycoon or a Dungeon Master-like RPG are out too. Not really my type of thing to play and again possibly a bit too complex for somebody with my limited ability to put together. Ditto, a rugby or ice hockey equivalent of Sensible Soccer - no knowledge of those sports at all!

Surprised that nobody has done a Bejeweled clone for a bog-standard Amiga yet - if somebody else wants to do it feel free Tetris has been done to death (Tetris Pro and Super Twintris are my faves) and I don't think there's any point in adding yet another one to the list. Re-doing old ideas yet again isn't necessarily a bad thing in my opinion - but they have to offer something different enough to be worth playing.

Racing games (especially into-the-screen-ones) are out too on the grounds my head would probably explode. Bit out of my depth there.

I like some of Shoonay's links - Traal I found very interesting indeed. Ninja Delivery was amusing too. I guess that would be very easy to actually program as you're essentially clicking on things in a certain order. Not much of an actual game though so it kinda lives or dies by the graphics and the game's scenario. A bit thin (in my opinion). Definitely thinking outside the box though!

I'd say the ideas that have interested me most so far are Invadazoid and Downfall as posted earlier, but in addition, also Balloon Fight looks fun (and great shout from Dreedo for a four-player mode... I sense potential). Traal could be intriguing to do. A Mini Golf game could be enjoyable with some suitably fun course design.

Also like the mini game idea like WarioWare (or Bishi Bashi Special, one of my favourite PS1 games) - it would need a lot of work to think up enough games but they'd be pretty simple to write by necessity. And of course, the Frogbert suggestion posted by Foxman (which prompted this thread in the first place).

So that's, what, seven concepts I particularly like the look of - not bad going! The key for me is something I think could be finished relatively quickly and isn't too complex or involving (I'm not the best programmer and it's been a while since I finished a project - the problem with big, ambitious games is that it feels like it takes ages to feel like you're making headway), and has a pick-up-and-play element to it while being consistently fun.

I'll take a closer look at some of these soon and start to think about what I think would work best - again I won't be doing direct conversions/remakes of any of these but merely basing a new title on these already-established ideas, and most of these aren't commonplace (if they exist at all) on the Amiga so that's an extra incentive for me I think.

Of course, feel free to give me further ideas, whether that's suggestions for my potential projects or just more general game ideas - the more the merrier Once more, a big big thanks to everybody for taking the time to come up with idea(s), it really makes my life easier (and harder at the same time)
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