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I take it that you have not actually read anything that he posted such as :- which I thought was a brilliant insight on several things and really down to earth.
No i didnt....No pictures

Im with Arnie... A simple accurate answer
He was not refering to you owning it he was refering to Minuous who had his sent free !!

He had never actually bought it and was complaining about it before he got it free...Its to late to admit its not so bad after that so it was never going to be any good in his eyes.

As for investment....Its a business and product....why do you think they have to....If you bought a licence for the quake engine to develop a few games would you be expected to invest your profits in ID Software ?

A rom key is irrelavent !! you still own the roms so you can use others......just like if you own an amiga the rom is on the chip and you can copy it off.......If you can obtain the roms elsewherer your still ok to use them under those conditions.

I wont split hairs its a pretty good product.....I have always maintained roms should be freely distributable by now for all of us but thats nothing to do with whether amiga forever is any good

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