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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Why don't you just use the samples from the ST-01 disk? After all, that's what the compo is about. People created very nice tunes with these samples back in the day so it's not that it's impossible or anything. It's easy to change the samples but where's the challenge then?
I don't want to use new samples, I was talking about resampling, as in taking the sample into Protracker and resampling it so I can get a new range of the freq-spectrum. You understand what I mean?

It is well understood only the samples from the ST-01 disk are allowed, but what I propose is something you can do with them inside PT once you have loaded them.

I didn't mean making better quality samples, no way in hell I would be able to record that stuff back anyway, who knows where the hell they came from?

Edit: I actually had this one done in PT1.3, if I am not wrong, only with those samples, or maybe with some of the ST-02 disks:
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