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Originally Posted by sack View Post
The Atari lot seem quite happy with having downfall ported to the Falcon 030: [ Show youtube player ]

I keep meaning to get around to getting it going on a stock A500, but if someone else gets around to it first...

There's no bejeweled? I've been avoiding doing that kind of game for a warmup because I assumed every man and his dog would've done one.
in an issue of apov, they reviewed Bejeweled Champion... it will only run on accelerated Amiga... i think thats the only clone!

so it would be nice to have an un-accelerated AGA version

For me a modern Tetris game would be great, using features such as Hold, Hard Drop, Next Piece X 5, Ghost Piece, Infinite Spin and combo bonuses..

scores could be save able for things like Speed Attack Time, Marathon Highscore, Endless Highscore

THAT would be heaven to me, i did try to start a Tetris clone, but it came to nothing.. still have the iffs for the block graphics, which look a little like the ds version design and colour.. (see below)

I would pay good money for that

Novice - Beat Level 10 in Marathon Mode - 25
Champion - Beat Level 20 in Marathon Mode -50
On the List - Achieve a highscore in Marathon Mode (minimum of 250,000) - 10
Top of the Board - Achieve the highest highscore in Marathon Mode (minimum of 500,000) - 25
Speed E Boy - Clear 40 Lines in under 5.00 minutes in Speed Attack Mode - 10
Speed Demon - Clear 40 Lines in under 2.30 minutes in Speed Attack Mode - 25
Half Way There - Reach level 500 in Endless Mode - 10
Clocked - Surpass level 999 in Endless Mode - 100
Tee'd Off - Clear two lines with a T-Spin - 10
Carry On - Complete a Marathon Mode game with Hold switched off - 10
Blind Luck - Complete a Marathon Mode game with Next Piece switched off - 10
Back to Back - Do two Tetrises back to back in any game mode -10
Addicted - Play Tetris in any game mode for 20 hours -10
Tetris Master - Complete a game of Marathon Mode only using Combos - 50
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