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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
How would you like the 'fourth' installment to look? Classic like the original series or based on newer 3D technology (which would spoil it imo).

It would be like making Back to the Future Part 4.... there's no Delorean and Marty is retired by now.

I think what P-J is offering is better but I am biased and prefer 'classic' looking games than new-gen games.
I think that making a fourth chapter of the Lotus, you have to create it in 3D, with graphics similar to the game "Gran Turismo", which is realistic. Then the inclusion of new environments, such as: the race in the savanna, rainforest, in an ancient city like Rome, with flooding in the streets, in the glaciers, hills, farms, lakes, road transport, even in a city in the Gothic style. I would say that Lotus would be great quarter, with these ideas, I think it can be very famous and make many sales, I'm 100%
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