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I take it that you have not actually read anything that he posted such as :- which I thought was a brilliant insight on several things and really down to earth.

For far too long the "legal" roms issue has been touted as a justifiable end to having folk buy such tat as the product you are defending. You are also aware that nothing is actually being invested in actual hardware etc from the sale of this product, basically the item in question is milking every last penny it can under the "legal" rom/licence crap that people like yourself are constantly defending. The actual roms on the CD are not even compatible with a real Amiga as they have been altered as I previously mentioned ie they need a rom.key file to work, so please lay off the "a cheap way of legally owning kickstart roms"

It has also been mentioned that if you own an Amiga, you can also copy that rom for your own use as you are the the owner of that machine. On the plus side of Cloanto, you can also make copies of workbench 3.1 etc from the ADF files and transfer them to an Amiga to copy the ADF's back onto floppy disks and use them on a real Amiga, hell you bought the CD so why not make use of the files

I'm 55 and where you state "But im old school when you bought an album you got a damn good package back then."

Back then you had a few bands that had great songs and some with excellent artwork for their albums but on the whole there was nothing special for the majority, I too was in those hazy days and had older brothers and sisters who were into their music. Sometimes the artwork was a lot better than the songs on the album too. Also back then, there was no alternative to buying an album if you wanted to hear it, today is a completely different story altogether.

In reply to this :-
How some people can laugh at people on here for buying it astounds me.

The point is, you don't have to buy it, nobody is forcing you.

I have bought it and I think it is a very good product. Everything is setup for you and the RP9 format is great for multi disk games.

The whole package is great for people new to the Amiga.

If you don't own it, you can't slag it.

I do own it mate and I definitely CAN slag it as a total rip off especially to anyone expecting anything special when they are purchasing a newer version and why on earth do they use rp9 etc instead of standard ADF files which are also great for multi disk games and more easily used in other emulators. I said it before and will say it again, if you have a copy already, then the latest reincarnation is more or less a tarted up version of what you already have.

Spend your pennies wisely and invest in a WhDLoad key, much better and its something that is actively being worked on all the time
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