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You know Fruit Ninja? For sure it is a game for a touch panel like ipad or iphone but i could believe that it makes also fun with the mouse too. You have to splash a lot of poping up fruits on the screen. But also bombs fly with the fruits and you must be careful.

An other simple and popular game is Angry birds and i think with less physic it is also possible ob an Amiga. You gave some birds in a canon ( in gernan katschie or steinschleuder) these birds you shoot on other creatures and you must hit them all to win the round. Its very funny and you cant stop play it.

Frogbert i wrote in the other thread. You have to jump from platform to platform (some platforms are ice, other moves up and down) i play this with my girlfriend every day cause there is a daily and totaly highscore)

All these 3 games i think are possible and very funny on an amiga.
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