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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Because of AmigaDOS file flags, since there's no guarantee they are retained after f.ex archiving or transfer of the directory. Since Morbane is just getting acquainted with WinUAE I thought it was better to tell him to use a real hard drive image to avoid any problems. I wasn't trying to start any rumors or imply that this feature in WinUAE was broken or buggy.
Less confusing answer would have been: "Never unpack any Amiga program using Windows tools because it will cause lost file attributes. Unless you know it is safe to unpack and no special Amiga attributes are used."

Previous answer seems to say that directory harddrives may not work in WB, nothing about possible dangers of using it to transfer data between Windows and Amiga. (MUI is the most common problem)

OP: Best way is to simply drag the archive on WinUAE WB desktop, it handles all special attributes correctly.
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