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I have enjoyed your common sense posts M8
Must be me i dont get it

He states he owns an amiga anyway....and moans why should he buy cloanto because Winuae is free ? Which bit was common sense ?

Cloanto is just a cheap way of legally owning kickstart roms in a tidy package..thats it...end it or dont....As you say collectors of anything Amiga might and i did for that reason...Only the one though

But the thread was basicly is cloanto any good or does it suck....Not does it instigate piracy, Bribery and corruption from Cloanto and is EAB condoning this

It didnt work well on his machine thats all thats pissed him off........Probably his copy of windows he downloaded isnt setup correctly

I guess i cant understand why people will pay a lot of money for a mp3's from itunes when they can get it for nothing but millions do....They cant all be tossers can they ? i would be more inclined to buy the cd with all the packaging to feel like i got my moneys worth i must admit. But im old school when you bought an album you got a damn good package back then.

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