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Have Cloanto actually started providing "REAL ROMS" now? its always been altered roms where a rom.key file was needed to use them with the emulator.

"Cloanto are licenced to distribute the real roms....its not piracy they dont download them via torrent However that is a funny thought"

For those of you who like parting so freely with your money for what anyone else would download for free, all I can say is good luck on that

I however would maybe add, by all means purchase one copy to get an idea of how to run WinUAE, other than that, you would be doing your wallet a major disservice if you were to to waste money on another copy in the future. If you have seen one version then you have basically seen them all

Its alway good to see people like Minuous putting into perspective the folly of buying something just because its there, if you are a collector then go ahead and collect, otherwise why on earth would anyone of sound mind (having seen the non-advances in the product) be daft enough to buy even more of what they already have! People do silly things at times

@Minuous, I have enjoyed your common sense posts M8
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