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I didnt see thag there was already a dialog for this one in a thread . Thanks to for the link, it read all of this with a lot of pleasure.

I am totally agree with all of you, i have a DC and i will certainly buy it. The spirit of Turrican is really in this one, and it is i think the very first time since the original ones on 16 bits machines (some pc remakes are very good but idk... It is not the same feeling). But this time it is going to be like in the golden era . The only thing i wont like - and i already know this seeing the trailer - is the gfx design and animations of the robot and the wheel : same stuff than turrican 3 or super turrican. I prefer the wonderfully drawed and animated ones in turrican 1 & 2. But nothing more hehe, it is going to be a blast. Well it has all the taste .

Thanks for your comments guys .

@gunni : good luck with crazy taxi loool .
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