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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
>Do you have an opinion about the other emulation packages, like Amiga Classix by Epic Marketing, or the iPhone app by Manomio? Have you ever tried reporting a piracy site to Hyperion, and see if they too (have to) shut down sites? Or do you just have a problem with Cloanto?

I haven't used them, so no, I don't have an opinion. But all the iPhone apps I have ever tried have been total crap so I wouldn't be surprised if this one was crap too.

>Bribe you? How??

They sent me a copy of Amiga Forever that I had never ordered. Which would have pleased me if it was a good product, but when I tried it out it just confirmed the problems about which I had already heard from others.

>Do you mean you are promoting software piracy on EAB, or how else would this be available "for free"?

You can get the emulator around which the package is based from

>Technical issues, like...?

Bringing down the system on the first of the provided games that I tried...Also, including mismatched AmigaOS components gathered from various different OS releases, which are not even *supposed* to work correctly together, causing various issues when trying to run OS-compliant software.

>Any evidence to back these allegations of "reprehensible conduct"?

Yes, all the Bluehost nonsense. Plus promising to use funds from Amiga Forever to fund new versions of eg. PPaint, and then not doing so.
I don't now what problems there are with it but I have used it for gaming
using WB and amikit with Zero problems i'm the type of user that if there
is a program that makes setting thing up easier i'm all for it..

And as far as Cloanto they seem to be a very good company I first got
Amiga Forever in 2006 and used that for ever then I got 64 forever and
they screwed up the order so they gave me a 2010 version of AF the
digital download version so I have no complaints..

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