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There was also a announcement regarding OS4 versions of Real3D and Directory Opus that did not become reality. Do you earn your money with IT (Software, Hardware, Services)? Noone with brain that has to earn money by what he does would make a port to any of the NGs right now (and in the last years). It is a hobby-project and there are estimates that there are 500-700 OS4 user right now. Do you really think that would justify commercial development. I use Cloanto too, have no problem with it. I used it for installing Amikit (and that is what i mostly work on). I do not know what they promised years ago (or not), but nobody is forced to use it. Amikit needs OS 3.5 / 3.9 or Amigaforever-CD during Installation because it not only needs the Roms to work, but also some copyrighted files. When you want ports of commercial applications for OS4 you (or Hyperion) has to pay for it or it will not happen. Very simple.
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