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>But Amiga Forever also includes the licensed Amiga ROM/OS, where would you get those? That was one reason for asking whether you are promoting software piracy on EAB.

They can be downloaded from various places, that is where I would get them. There's no legal issue anyway, anyone who actually has a real Amiga does not need to pay Cloanto for something they already have the right to use.

>And what about the Amiga Forever player itself? That's now grown larger (just adding up the MBs) than the WinUAE component.

I doubt it would add much value to the package, this is just a frontend/wrapper for UAE if I'm not mistaken?

>If you run WinUAE and it brings down Windows, it looks like a bad Windows graphics driver or similar. Only a driver or similar privileged code can bring down the system, applications can't. So how can you blame an application

Not so. Where did you get this idea from?

>As for the mix of different OS releases, I am not sure what you are talking about, my configurations are running fine, and Amiga Forever now has 16 different default configurations in the Systems tab. Maybe you could provide some examples?

They have removed certain components from OS3.9 entirely and replaced certain other components with obsolete ersions. This is no secret. See

>What is this "Bluehost nonsense"

Just run a search for it on this board...

>And where are those promises? I can't remember any, although looking at the change logs one can see that Amiga Forever and Personal Paint did intersect around 1997.

I found this announcement of the vapourware PPaint for OS4... still waiting 8 years later...
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