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It's almost done...

Actually, I'm not sure of the design.
The Amiga logo is on top and then. I put 3 X 4 row (so 12 Labels/12 different startup-sequence) of 13 characters length. and you can navigate with left,right,up,down. Everything will be well centered even if one of your label contains 3 characters.

Today I was wondering if it would not be better to display them verticaly like TinyLauncher with 21 characters length, so with less entries (9 or 10 instead of 12).

How it works ? Actually at launch, it backup your actual startup-sequence (but it is recommended to backup it yourself) then you need to replace the content of the original startup-sequence by something like:

DH0:C/Execute DH0:S/Boot.abs

(You understand that Boot.abs is the following of the startup-sequence (like the user-startup)

On AmigaBootSelector you'll have a config panel where you'll put your labels.

For example > LABEL 1:OriginalSeq

It will create an empty file called:

Then you'll have to fill (understand paste, your original startup-sequence in it) or you'll have to delete this file and put another one with this name (or save your edited one on this name).

Or, another example, you prepare your startup sequence with your favorite editor, you name it 'S:AmigaBootSelector/TinyLauncher.abs"
Back in ABS you'll choose a label named 'TinyLauncher' it will detect that the file already exist and instead of creating an empty file, it will use the one you have created.

Then what's happen?
You boot your Amiga, it launch ABS, you select your label(TinyLauncher), the software takes your TinyLauncher.abs and rename it DH0:S/Boot.abs

So your new startup-sequence (the one I wrote at the top) will execute it, and END of the job for ABS, it end, the startup-sequence continue to execute DH0:C/Execute DH0:S/Boot.abs.

If you reset your Amiga, the startup-sequence will load abs again, the timer reach 0 (because you haven't selected anything) abs boot your last LABEL (your last choice) if it was TinyLauncher, the it will boot this one.

What do you think ?

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