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You can get the emulator around which the package is based from
Yes thats winuae its free and thats the whole point !!
you can use winuae but you still need the kickstart roms....if you asked the current Rom owners to buy a licence directly to use and sell your setup with the roms included then it would probably cost you thousands

Like my launcher for instance...if i could afford it i could probably easily build and sell my own version....even you could do it

All cloanto have done is take that step...paid out the money....and sell thier product.....Its a profit making business....At the end of the day whether it be cloanto or epic marketing they have to pay out a small fortune for the rights to use the roms ( Not Winuae ) ..whether you like thier setups or not does not matter ...

Its like saying......You can buy a car but you need a driving licence.....but why should you if you hate Skoda's ..there crap...they crash a lot...not reliable..they promised a twincam cigar lighter !!

Whatever you choose to drive you need the licence.....the end result is purchasing cloanto will avoid all the hassles above...let them do that for you

I dont see the problem for the end result....a cheap way to legally own the roms

PS !! Anyone want to fund me Building one and selling it.....I can call it Cloan II

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