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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Its sold out, so not more preorders can be taken at the moment.
How do all the "nay sayers" feel now that over 100 beta test boards sold easily and the first production run sold out in hours by a margin of 2:1?

Obviously there is much more interest in this computer than many people here originally thought.

I can't wait for mine to arrive, but then everyone knows that I have been a bit "Mental" when it comes to all things Amiga.

Seriously, for anyone who is still interested in running OS4.x, it is going to be an excellent computer (and yes, it is more expensive than commodity Windows PC's). This will be my first OS4.x computer and after seeing it running at the last two AmiWest shows, I am satisfied that it will be an enjoyable experience. I also like MorphOS3.x and will continue using it as well, while I improve my programming skills and hope to start producing software for both systems (and probably AROS & 68k AmigaOS too).
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