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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
I never realised there was such an "Anti cloanto" faction going around.... I just always thought of them as a cheap way to legally own the roms.

As much as i think they should be freely available unfortunatly they are not...I own the Amiga and C64 versions.....Simply as a preservation thing like the stuff i create.
I do understand people who have this attitude, and hence purchase it, but the simple fact is they are doing nothing with their profits for Amiga hardware project funding and they are doing nothing regarding getting the classic game ADFs legalized. People get fed up with their pimping of other people's hard work.

Bit two faced really, and well they didn't write Kickstart, Workbench or WinUAE is my attitude. And like I said if you own any Amiga (working or not) you're LEGALLY ENTITLED TO HAVE DIGITAL ROM FILES (regardless of how you obtained torrents) TO USE WINAUE

PS do they give you Personal Paint with Amiga Forever?
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