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Leffmann - that sounds like a great idea. So I tried it and I followed the rest of the directions and now I have a huge ammount of disk space on the new GCC_AmigaOS - BUT there are 2 of them now the old and the new - can I just delete the old one - and how do I "do away with the old one"?? I tried "delete" but it said there was no such file...

OK I did away with the old gcc-amigaos now the compiler environment starts from my new hard drive - giving gigabytes of space. 2 things though: It wont let me rename the new hard drive to GCC-AmigaOS and the pop up says tp please insert CGG-AmigaOS which I just cancel and it seems ok - but it is annoying. Any ideas of how to get rid of that message or make my new hard drive KEEP its new name of GCC-AmigaOS??

EDIT: OK I just went into my Hard Drive folder and changed the name of the directory to GCC-AmigaOS - and with a little fiddling it is functioning right spanky
Kind of annoying to post and post then get the answer myself - but I think just getting the problem into words helps. Thanks any way and especially Leffmann who suggested to do this way.

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