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Originally Posted by Jakub83 View Post
An inaccurate statement in this thread, or on the Amiga Forever site?

In this thread.

Not that parts like "A recent study of prostitutes well learned in the craft of sucking balls showed that even that is preferable to using Amiga Forever" aren't entertaining... Is that why everyone is reading EAB?

As for some examples of "accuracy":
  • Cloanto are not the only Amiga ROM/OS licensees (see a long list at, many other companies have/had their opportunity at publishing Amiga ROM /OS content
  • Cloanto supports AROS
  • If somebody reports a site to Cloanto, they are legally obliged to act, as was stated in other posts (for example, Cloanto may fear that the report comes from some lawyer in incognito who is testing them); the Amiga community is full of spies who promptly report illegal content, yet here it seems to be easier to blame Cloanto...
  • There is a Value Edition of Amiga Forever for $9.95 (or free with TrialPay)
  • Workbench 3.1 ADFs are included in Amiga Forever, and so are hardfile images of different versions.

I don't know why James Jacobs aka Minuous is reviving this old thread (it has more false statements than accurate ones), but I've seen him also in other forums, and he seems to often be involved with some anti-Cloanto crusade. Maybe he can post his true motives so we can get a more "accurate" understanding?
Most of the anti-Cloanto posts have been written by other people, so I am hardly alone in disliking it. Obviously I have a strongly held opinion on the matter and so when I am involved in discussions about it I will assert that opinion. Would it be better for you if sometimes I supported it and sometimes did not? This would not be logical and would not fairly represent my viewpoint. Calling it a "crusade" implies some kind of religious component to it, which is just silly. You sound like a Cloanto shill, how much are they paying you? They already tried to bribe me for my silence.

I have already explained my reason for adding a one-sentence post to this thread, so please reread my previous post. In a wider sense, my motivation is to help the Amiga community to not get ripped off by paying money for something that is available for free, has various technical issues, and is sold by a company with a history of reprehensible conduct.

I'm not aware of anything Cloanto have ever done to support AROS, but even if so, AROS isn't really much to do with the Amiga except that some very old programs can be recompiled to run on it. AROS has various problems with it, I won't go into details here, but you can read my opinion piece at
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