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Originally Posted by glwxxx View Post
taken from

"We like to believe that Amiga emulation has in general been well-accepted also because, thanks to Amiga Forever, it is properly licensed and supported. If that were not the case, the situation of Amiga emulation in 1997 or 1998 could have been similar to what happened to other systems: police raids, legal actions, court battles, etc. Under such circumstances, many programmers, as they have stated, would not create any Amiga emulation software, or any new versions thereof, and there may be little left of the Amiga emulation scene. Instead, Amiga emulation evolved and prospered."
And translated to English in the real world....

"We gave the programmer of WinUAE a bag of monkey nuts and a few Amigas, we licensed the ROMs from some scumbag called Bill, we then made it LESS easy to use than compilations available for 99p and to top it off we make no effort to plow our sick profits back into REAL Amiga hardware products like Natami or MiniMig development/cost reduction through large scale manufacture. PS please take our shit crippled overpriced compilation and then proceed to go onto some dubious websites and download some illegal ADFs for use with a product we didn't even program and a scene we plough ZERO % of our profits back into."

While I am here I would like to point know that old crusty A500/A1200 etc in the loft that stopped working last decade? Yeah that thing entitles you to FREELY DOWNLOAD the corresponding version of KICKSTART ROM from ANYWHERE on the internet AND WORKBENCH ADF files, there I said it! What!
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