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Originally Posted by guru64 View Post
* The fuckin Kickstart and Workbench should by now be a free download. Those fatass execs who managed to buy the rights are making cash off Amiga Nostalgia fans with something they didn't contribute the slightest to develop.

* On their Website they state " This makes it possible to run thousands of Amiga games and demos which are available for free download from software publishers and Amiga history sites alike."
- Yeah right, they should add "from Amiga history sites which we haven't yet harrased, sued and tried to milk for cash".

* On one hand they are 'protecting' the Kickstart from 'being pirated', and on the other hand they try to sell their glorious overpriced package by seducing their customers to download Amiga games for free.
Basically a "don't pirate OUR stuff, but we don't give a shit about all the games by other companies and their rights".

* Most of the Amiga Forever package comes from other people's hard work: Linux, UAE, Fellow, Demos (even by Pirate Group!!! Scoopex), Picasse96, etc, etc.
So basically they sell 'their' Kernel for 40 bucks on a CD where 98% of content is just picked up from other peoples work...

It would be better for the whole Amiga scene if that company just died!
Amen brother!

Amiga Forever is for clueless losers, there I said it! What!

(Moral:go and torrent the shit out of it so they might give up and maybe just maybe KS/WB will become worthless to slimey copyright lawyers. They expect you to pay them for a FREE emulator someone else wrote AND DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL ADFs from the internet to make any use of it.)
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