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Free Digital Album "A Jochen Hippel Tribute" was released

Although Jochen Hippel did music for the Atari ST above all, he was also known to convert his songs to the Amiga.

Therefore I hope you don't mind me spreading the news about a digital remix album, which has been released on 01.01.2012:

Amok, CZ-Tunes, Mitch van Hayden, EIZ and Dr. Future were working on a free digital Jochen Hippel Tribute compilation which is now available for download.

The album contains 10 brand new remixes:

01 - Jochen Hippel - Amberstar [Title Theme] (CZ-Tunes Remix)
02 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Level 01] (Dr.Future Remix)
03 - Jochen Hippel - Mindbomb (Eiz Remix)
04 - Jochen Hippel - Many sheep in outer Mongolia (Mitch van Hayden Remix)
05 - Jochen Hippel - A Prehistoric Tale [Game Over] (CZ-Tunes Remix)
06 - Jochen Hippel - Chambers of Shaolin [Test of Agility] (Amok Remix)
07 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Level 2] (Dr.Future Remix)
08 - Jochen Hippel - Feed me Max [The hidden Track] (Eiz Remix)
09 - Jochen Hippel - Amberstar [#11 - Ode to Schnism] (Mitch van Hayden Remix)
10 - Jochen Hippel - Wings of Death [Title Theme] (CZ-Tunes Remix Re-Edit 2011)

The album is available now for free download (MP3 and FLAC). The archives also contain inlays and a booklet for a jewel case and a picture which can be printed on a printable CD-R.
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