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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
this is not it and never will be, considering how the wages for IT have dropped and disapeared ,IT isnt worth learning if you want kids to learn sumit try electrician or builder not IT its dead in the water ,
Not a penny in it anymore is there. Hasn't the building trade gone belly up since the recession as well?

Have been following it for a while and, agreed, there's a whole load of kids nowadays who don't give a toss there are a load that do. Wasn't that the same "back on the day"? You had those that just wanted to play games, in fact the majority just wanted to do that or not have an interest at all and the back bedroom developers that went on to be pioneers. Admittedly it takes a whole lot more to become a pioneer these days but that doesn't mean you can't become a damn good earner from learning on something like this.

I need to find a reason to buy one of these. Even at £25 though, it's going to be little more than a toy.
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